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was so much better than the book which i thought was just ok. this movie was like…the only movie where i’ve had to give it my all in a theater to not let a sob out.


Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m an 18 year old disabled trans woman with an emotionally abusive abusive family that I recently left because they were really close to making me try to kill myself again, and because of that I am now homeless. I’m currently staying with a friend but I don’t know how long she’s going to let me stay. Really need somewhere I can stay for at least a year. I’m currently unemployed so I can’t help pay rent but I have about 600 dollars I can use to pay for food and stuff until I have an income. I’m not comfortable living with non-trans-women. I can probably get anywhere in Michigan and areas surrounding Michigan so…yea.

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When other people shame their cats, so can I.

oh my god


When other people shame their cats, so can I.

oh my god

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Black in latin america screen caps.

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My stomach growled super loud in French omg

I would like to clarify my stomach did not speak French. It growled in French class I apologize


le growl

hon hon hon feed me a baguette

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yes I’m sure ancient Asians had cornrows.

lmfao yeah exactly. clearly these peoples’ intentions were to appropriate black cultures so why are you pretending otherwise? give me a fucking break.

and guess what? we knew not all asians have long silky smooth hair. i am asian and my hair is coarse and thick and wavy and poofy, as is my aunt’s and my grandmother’s. but i’m a ~brown~ asian (not a /normal/ one, gasp!), so of course you managed to completely overlook darker skinned asians while rambling about your silky hair trope. way to fucking erase people while crying about ~azn dreadlock awareness~.

first of all why is this motherfucker invading a conversation between black people about black culture and whining about “omg y u no solidarity”

like no

we as non-black poc are the ones constantly shitting on “other poc”, not the other way around — i.e. appropriating black culture like in these pictures

and what the fuck are you talking about “asian dreadlocks”

i can’t say anything about east asian cultures but the only thing similar to dreadlocks in asian cultures is jata (“matted hair”), which is a loc-like (NOT THE SAME THING) hairstyle worn only by Hindu ascetic sadhus/sadhvis

notice how they are completely fucking different from actual dreadlocks and that this is a hairstyle specifically worn by holy men and women

meanwhile black people get treated like shit for wearing their hair naturally

but you’re throwing a tantrum because you’re not allowed to steal their hair, which you can appropriate without being treated the way black people are treated compared to nonblack poc

shut the fuck up

And while people are soooo busy scrambling to mention all these other cultures besides black folks who supposedly, allegedly have locs (specifically dreadlocs), they forget to mention that the PEOPLE TAKING THESE HAIRSTYLES DO NOT BELONG TO EITHER/ANY OF THESE CULTURES. So you’re just stealing from more than one now- how does this make your cause a good one?

I cut off some of the earlier antiblack responses.

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"So that’s it, you’re a Time Meddler!"

The Time Meddler (episode 4 - Checkmate) - season 02 - 1965



so I lost my wallet today with literally everything I need to srvive in it. everything. I can’t get to work or eat or anything. I am desperate to survive. this is bare bones survival. I am homeless and this is the biggest blow dealt to me in a…

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because the flip flops are worn and the jacket is too small for me now. damn it all.


someone didn’t follow the instructions on how to build a cat 

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THE EMPIRE OF FEAR!: It makes me kinda mad when east Asian bloggers here forget the following things



  • we owe the entire Asian American movement to black folks who laid out the ground work for civil rights. I am not saying we didn’t have our own contributions, but civil rights wouldn’t have happened if black folks didn’t start it. 
  • The Red Guards was modeled after the Black Panthers and their pamphlets copied word for word from the Panthers, changing black to yellow in the entire thing pretty much
  • After the immigration reform of ‘65 the Asian American movement is weakened because there was a huge influx of different Asians and our mostly pale asses weren’t being inclusive. Remember Filipinos were saying how “yellow” movement doesn’t sound right because they are not yellow?
  • The new immigrants foster anti-blackness in their communities because they listen to what the white media tell them and we were failing to educate. We were failing to come together. We were failing the people who helped us out in the first place. 

I am not trying to say we suck but yeah we kinda sucked. If anyone doesn’t want to talk solidarity it’s black folks. We don’t have the right to say we don’t want solidarity. Black folks’ solidarity help made us. 

I am sorry if some of my word choices are wrong or whatever. Call me out if I am wrong. I just think including black and brown folks should be among our priorities because Han Chinese alone make up almost 1/5 of the entire human population. There is a lot of talk in Asian American studies right now  about how Asians and Asian Americans are being incorporated into whiteness in order to protect whiteness. While I personally don’t believe that because of our phenotype, it is evident that we are getting into colleges more than black and brown folks and we are generally speaking, treated better. We need to acknowledge that and we cannot allow anti-blackness to grow. It is our responsibility to call out anti-blackness in our own communities. 

I did not even know that second point.

But I really wish Asian Americans would quit acting like Black people are taking shit from them and realize that it’s the fucking other way around.

Few non-Black Americans realize that white people have this thing where they make up a new group to hate for whatever reason. It’s hit Asians before; it will definitely hit them again, at least until whiteness finally steps in.

But when there isn’t a specific lie made up to fuck over another race; all of you share that privilege when it comes down to beating on the “default”. Which in this cause has, was always and always WILL BE…the ORIGINAL nigger.

And I do say original nigger for a reason.

"…his Chinese eyes glared into Larry’s."

LOL what kind of sentence is that? His Chinese eyes that are apparently blue-gray and this guy is a “savage”.

And why is a book written in the late 70s and set in the 80s using the n-word so much?

this is such a weird book. what gives Stephen King

And how did she disappoint you, eh? Oh, no, no, don’t answer, no, no. She enjoyed the feel of rain upon her face. Or perhaps her favourite season was the autumn.

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I cant help right now, but hopefully some of y’all can.

extra cool thing about this: you don’t have to be able to cover an entire bill!! just enter any amount you’re able to donate and you’ll be matched with an actual person to help, all anonymously if you like!!

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Read backwards, it says:


this better be a joke